Our story starts in 2006, when we opened the first kite school in Paje Kite Centre Zanzibar. The growth of the school, the increasing amount of visitors to Paje, the demand for diverse, healthy food options and good quality coffee made us leap into the opportunity of opening our coffeeshop Mr. Kahawa in December 2014. Over the years Mr. Kahawa has transformed from a coffeeshop to a spacious café-restaurant with working space, lounge areas and a cocktailbar with live music events. To be able to accommodate the independent travellers that visited Kite Centre Zanzibar and Mr. Kahawa, we build four luxury lofts on top of Mr. Kahawa and the Kite Centre, with an endless view over our iconic Almond Tree and the ever changing tides of the Indian Ocean.


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Mr. Kahawa offers and designs unique holidays for all kinds of travellers and all sorts of budgets.

Mr. Kahawa provides accommodation in Mr. Kahawa Lofts (Paje), The Waterfront Zanzibar (Paje), Bellevue Guesthouse (Bwejuu) and Mr. Kahawa Villa (Dongwe).

All the establishments located in Paje are footsteps away from Mr. Kahawa Café & Restaurant and Kite Centre Zanzibar.